Shipping and mailing services
for your business

Shipping and mailing services and solutions to send, receive, and track it all
Find a shipping and mailing postage solution that’s perfectly tailored to your business needs.
Reduce shipping costs, track packages, simplify your mail process, ship packages from home, and everything in between. You’ll find the right product or software that can transform your business mailing and shipping into an asset..
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Mailing equipment and shipping software
Easily manage mailing and simplify your shipping for packages, parcels and flats across multiple carriers.

No matter if you’re mailing important documents from the office or shipping packages, simplify your mailing and shipping process with an array of solutions from inserters, printers, openers, folders, and shredders to easy to use shipping software.
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Postage meter for business mailing
Postage Meters
Save on mailing and shipping costs with USPS®, FedEx® and UPS®.

Reduce shipping costs with access to preferred rates from the USPS®, all while streamlining your business’ mailing process. Find the Pitney Bowes postage meter that’s ideal for your business’ shipping and mailing needs.
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Shipping Software
Print shipping labels and postage at your convenience.

From empowering employees, to running a home-based business, our shipping solutions save you time and money. Explore our shipping software to access discounted rates and multi-carrier options.
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Scanning USPS IMpb tracking label
Parcel and package tracking solutions
Inbound and outbound parcel solutions that simplify shipping and mailing for organizations.

Retailers, universities, businesses and all types of organizations can optimize their inbound and outbound packages with parcel tracking solutions and intelligent parcel lockers from Pitney Bowes.
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Delivery truck for ecommerce and retail businesses
Ecommerce and retail solutions
Enhance your ecommerce shipping capabilities.

Ensure a quality online customer experience from checkout to delivery with ecommerce postage and online retail solutions from Pitney Bowes. Scale order fulfillment, lower shipping costs, and make customer returns easy.
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Postage meter ink supply
Postage meter ink and mailing supplies
Take advantage of special offers on meter ink and mailing supplies that meet all USPS® requirements.

Keep your mail moving by restocking on genuine Pitney Bowes supply products like Pitney Bowes meter tape and ink that is designed to keep your postage meter running longer.
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People presorting mail and shipping packages
Mail presort services and mail marketing solutions
Increase the impact of your mail while simplifying USPS® compliance requirements.

Drive down costs and improve mail efficiency with mail presort services from Pitney Bowes. Automate bound and packet mail processing and improve delivery.
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Send packages, parcels and flats across multiple carriers.
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Receive and track
Automate and simplify the tracking and receiving process for recipients and shippers.
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Cut postage costs
Buy stamps and postage while taking advantage of discounts on metered and presorted mail.

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