Ship easier with SendPro postage meter machines and software

Send letters, large envelopes, and packages directly from your office or mail center with your own postage meter machine. SendPro® postage machines and sending technology make it easy to process your mailing and shipping, all while getting automatic postage savings.

Take control of your mailing and shipping with metered mail

Metered mail is simply the most practical way for businesses of all sizes to skip the Post Office and easily buy and print USPS® postage. Whether you need to print First-Class® postage or stamps or Priority Mail® shipping labels, SendPro® has an easy-to-use postage meter designed to fit your specific needs and sending volumes.

Find the postage meter that’s right for your business
SendPro® Mailstation
SendPro® Mailstation
Print First-Class® and Priority Mail® postage on letters, large envelopes and postcards from a compact, manual-feed digitally-connected mailing solution.
Ideal for small businesses that send up to 50 mail pieces/week.
First-Class, Priority Mail postage
SendPro® C Lite
SendPro® C Lite
Print USPS® postage at up to 50 letters per minute from a compact, semi-automatic digitally-connected mailing solution. Ideal for small businesses who send up to 200 mail pieces/week and 100 shipments/month.
Print discounted USPS postage
SendPro® C Auto
SendPro® C Auto
Automatically feed, seal and print postage for large batch mailing at up to 120 letters per minute and efficiently handle mid-volume shipments.
Ideal for businesses that send up to 500 mail pieces/week and 200 shipments/month.
Feed, seal, and print postage
SendPro® P-Series
SendPro® P-Series
Designed for fast, high-volume, automatic processing of mail at up to 310 letters per minute using reliable technology that delivers the highest savings potential.
Ideal for businesses that send more than 500 mail pieces/week and 100 shipments/month.
Streamline your mailroom
Up to 50 pieces
Up to 5
5 lbs
Up to 16 letters/min
Up to 200 pieces
Up to 100
Up to 70 lbs*
Up to 50 letters/min
Up to 500 pieces
Up to 200
Up to 70 lbs*
Up to 120 letters/min
500 pieces or more
Up to 200
Up to 150 lbs.
Up to 310 letters/min

*5 lbs scale included with optional 15, 30 and 70 lbs scales available.

Need help identifying which postage meter is right for your business?

Frequently asked questions about postage meter machines

How can a postage meter help my business?

Postage meters save you time and money by giving your business access to discounted postage from the convenience of your office. These preferred USPS postage rates save you 3¢ on every First Class letter and save up to 89%*using shipping labels from PitneyShip.

Can I own a postage meter?

In the United States, postage meters used to print First-Class postage and other USPS services cannot be purchased by an individual or a business. This is because postage is considered a form of currency that needs to be regulated, much like a money printing press.

What is metered mail?

Metered mail is postage that has already been paid for in advance, which means it doesn’t need a traditional postage stamp. Instead, it bears a stamped ink marking as proof of postage payment from a postage meter.

What is a preferred postage rate?

A preferred rate is provided to high-volume mailers and serves as “bulk discount postage." Paying less for each letter sent, can save your business significant money over time. Preferred rates are ideal for businesses who ship large quantities of mail through the USPS. You can also get discounted postage for Priority Mail.

*Savings based on Priority Mail Cubic pricing for up to .1 cubic ft package weighing 20lb sent to Zone 9. vs Priority Mail Retail