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As a Pitney Bowes client you can take control of your Postage and Shipping Payments.

Use one FDIC-insured prepaid deposit account to fund and manage meter and permit postage, USPS shipping expenses and more. Replenish your account as needed, with automatic scheduled deposits to avoid running out of postage.  

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You control deposit account funding.
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Schedule deposits to fund one or more meters at fixed intervals or as needed.
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Your prepaid deposit account is FDIC-insured.
Control your postage and USPS shipping payments with a prepaid deposit account.

You can also apply for a Line of Credit in case your account is depleted before you have a chance to refill it. Interest can be earned on your deposit.*

Deposits can be used for a variety of expenses, including:

  • Meter & permit postage
  • USPS shipping/trackable labels
  • Presort Services
Account terms and eligibility are determined by The Pitney Bowes Bank, Inc. Member FDIC. Limited transactions allowed. Interest is earned and applied as statement credit when minimum average daily balances are met. Eligibility for deposit account subject to customer verification.

*Interest is earned in the form of credit to your account depending on average daily balance.