Meet Our Financial Services Team

Christopher Johnson SVP, & President, Pitney Bowes Financial Services
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Our Commitment

Pitney Bowes has over 30 years of experience leasing and financing over $10B of equipment. The Pitney Bowes Bank complements your other sources of capital so that you can focus on growing your business. ​

Karen Savoca, VP Lending Services, Pitney Bowes Financial Services
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Our Experience

The Pitney Bowes Bank, together with Pitney Bowes, has been financing Pitney Bowes equipment for over 20 years. Our expansion into helping our clients finance other purchases reflect our continued commitment to helping our customers grow efficiently and effectively.

Ed Haidenthaller President & CEO Pitney Bowes Bank
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Our Heritage

Pitney Bowes Bank provides working capital and equipment financing for our core customers: the SMBs who power commerce. Building on our 100-year heritage—including over $10B of captive equipment financing in the last 30 years—Pitney Bowes simplifies the financing process so SMBs can focus on what really matters: growing your business.​

Samanta Jones, VP Strategy & Development, Pitney Bowes Financial Services
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Our Insight

After 100 years of service, Pitney Bowes has gained unique insights into small and middle market customers. The major issue they face now is a shortage of access to capital as loans to small businesses have steadily declined over 10 quarters. We enable the equipment investment they need today in order to achieve long-term growth.